Monday, June 1, 2009

Ensuite Operational...(25 - 31 May)

Simon returned on Monday & finished the tiling...
I will be very happy to get all of the bathroom fittings out of the spare room & our bedroom and into the ensuite. I can't believe how much room a little ensuirte can take up!

Mark put in the toilet, vanity and mirror cupboard.  We still need to put in the shower wall and glass but no rush as the hot water is not connected yet. But we now have 75% of the ensuite operational!

Mark spent the rest of the week laying the jarrah floorboards in the study. Having a floor makes the room look a lot bigger.

Slogging on...(18 - 24 May)

Now that the plumber has done his thing Mark got stuck into getting the ensuite ready for tiling.
  • Glued the concrete floor sheets down - 2 layers, plus another layer under the floor over each join. It shouldn't move anywhere!
  • Measured, cut and glued the wall sheets on
Sat - Simon arrived at 8am and had completely tiled & grouted the walls and tiled the floor by 3pm. Amazing and it looks fantastic! He will be back on Monday to grout the floor...then we can install the fittings.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Water tight at last...(11 - 17 May)

This week...
  • Mark started work on the floor joists in the study...
  • I bought wall tiles & gas hot water system for the ensuite
  • Mark dup holes to access the pipes for the plumber
  • Fri - The plumber arrived early (hooray) and has completed all the ensuite plumbing. He just needs to come back & connect the water to the new gas heater system
  • Sat - Nick come over & helped Mark put on the ridge cap on the roof. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so thought we'd better get it done!

Itsy Bitsy stuff...(4 - 10 May)

This week in renovation land...Mark spent most of the week working on lots of fiddly bits and pieces.
  • rendered the cracks in the hallway walls
  • turned our bedroom door so it opens against the wall
  • replaced a couple of floorboards in our bedroom
and arranged for the tiler & the plumber to come and give us a quote
  • Booked Simon (tiler) for the weekend of the 23rd (yes May) 
  • The plumber is tentatively booked to come Fri 15/5 pending his quote. 
I phoned electricians and grano's to try & tee up quotes
  • Electrician, said he'd come over on Friday - surprise surprise, he never showed up
  • 2 grano contractors: both need plans to do a quote. I posted a set to one & the other said he'd come over Saturday to pick up plans & discuss what we need. Surprise, surprise...(again) the grano bloke didn't turn up. Grrrr contractors.

Keep on bricking...(27 Apr - 3 May)

This week we continued bricking up the internal walls in the study.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Floor & ceiling joists...(20th - 26th April)

Monday 20th
Mark started putting in the floor joists. I soldered my leadlight. I didn't do a very good job, so I'll have to go see Bert to learn how to fix it.

Tuesday 21st
I didn't do much as I was sick with a throat infection. Mark finished the floor joists and started working on the ceiling joists.

Wednesday 22nd
Mark finished the ceiling joists in the ensuite and I rendered the vanity wall. Mark smoothed and leveled my rendered wall - looks great! I helped Mark attach the aircell insulation to the ensuite ceiling joists & roof rafters.

Thursday 23rd
I went to Design glass to fix up my leadlight window. Turned out that I didn't have the iron hot enough, so it was easily fixed and yes the soldering did cover up the most of my leading mistakes. I spent the afternoon cementing my leadlight. Mark spent the day cleaning out the garage so we will have somewhere to store the gyprock when it arrives tomorrow. Wow I haven't seen the garage this clean in ages! But now we have another load of rubbish for the tip.

Friday 24th
I spent the morning cleaning the excess cement off my leadlight - very time consuming as it gets into all the nooks & crannies in the frosted glass. Mark started work on the floor joists in the study. Nick arrived at noon, so we headed off to hire a ute and pick up the cement floor sheets for the ensuite. Mark stayed home to await the arrival of the gyprock. Mark & Nick unloaded the cement floor straight into the ensuite - it is the exact size so no cutting required except for 1 sheet around the door frame - Mark is VERY happy. We loaded the ute with the rubbish and Nick & I did a trip to the tip and then stopped off at Bathroom warehouse to pick up the toilet & the shower unit. The gyprock finally arrived - so now we have everthing we need to finsh off the ensuite and the study.

Saturday 25th
A slow start today as it's Anzac Day & Bunnings does not open until noon. I finished cleaning my leadlight & Mark played on the computer. Then back to Bunnings to return the ute and buy the adhesive for the wall & ceiling gyprock. Nick arrived at 2.30pm and he and Mark put up the ceiling gyprock. Etsuko arrived and we chatted and inspected the boys work. The ceiling, manhole & ceiling fan were all installed by 5pm - these boys don't mess about!

Sunday 26th
Mark took the study door off and trimmed it down to fit the ensuite doorway which is only 720mm wide (not 820mm). I went back to Bunnings to buy the beading for my leadlight window. Mark mitred the beading to the right length and attached the hinges to the window & frame. I painted the beading and nailed it onto the window. I helped Mark hang the door and window and install the privacy lock in the door. We don't have a catch for the window yet - so wire will do the job for tonight...back to Bunnings again tomorrow to buy the real thing. I think I must own shares in Bunnings by now!

Down with the wall...(10th - 19th April)

Monday 13th
Easter Monday....another day of leisure. Yeah.

Tuesday 14th
It's been so long since I updated the blog...I can't remember what we did today.

Wednesday 15th
Mark cut out the bricks between the ensuite & our bedroom & I went to pick up the timber for the door frame. Nephew David dropped in to use the gargage & tools to do an oil change & helped me carry out bricks as Mark knocked out the wall. What a mess!

Thursday 16th
Mark built the door frame for the ensuite, screwed it in and bricked up the wall again - well most of it...only 3 bricks to go, but had to knock off because the kids came over for a BBQ dinner. I went to ECU Joondalup for a meeting & printed out all the work I've done for the past 4 months. Had a great dinner with Tara, Nick, Bree, nephew David & niece Kacey. Thanks for the desserts Kacey!

Friday 17th
Mark was not a well puppy this morning...I think it must have been something he drank (?). He got up late & then went back to bed again an hour later. Needless to say not much work got done today! I just pottered around. We went to Jill & Wayne's to catch up with Keith & Kim who are traveling around Australia for 3 months. They live in Canberra & have both recently retired. We watched the sunset over the Indian ocean - it was spectacular - pink, orange & indigo, and helped Keith celebrate his 65th birthday. Hip hip hooray! Kim & Brian took photos...please send me a copy to add to our blog.

Saturday 18th
Mark went to the salvage yard & bought timber for the ensuite floor joists. What a bargain - 8 x 2700 x 100 x 50 jarrah for only $40. I worked on ECU stuff in the morning & started constructing the leadlight window for the ensuite in the afternoon. Bugger it's been 4 months since I did my course & I'm not quite sure what I'm doing! Cross my fingers.

Sunday 19th
Day Off. Went to brunch with the Cleaver family. Jill & Wayne are heading off overseas and won't be back until Christmas. Keith 7 Kim are continuing on their journey around Australia and Brian is heading off to Vietnam this evening. Mark had an afternoon "nanna nap" and I finished constructing my leadlight window. I'm not very happy with it. I've cut some of the lead at the wrong angles and too short...hopefully I can "fix" it when I solder it. Mark worked out what gyprock, cornice & cement sheeting we need for the front rooms & emailed it to Clayton. Quite BBQ at home alone. Aaahhh we love relaxing with a beer & champagne. We phoned Dan to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday. He had a great weekend - did his rescue divers course & passed. Went for a couple of dives with Fisher & visited cousin Lyn.