Friday, January 30, 2009

Onwards and upwards (1st - 8th Feb)

Sunday 1st
Day of rest.

Monday 2nd
Back to slab & garden city for more sand and then to Limestone city to pick up the last 4 limestone blocks needed for the side wall. The limestone is finally finished. Hooray!

Tuesday 3rd
Mark went off to Bunnings to buy steel and brick ties etc. I spent the morning doing ECU work & sent off the first module to my supervisor! Mark laid the first course of bricks and I mixed mud. That's all we did today as Tara & Nick are coming over for a BBQ.

Wednesday 4th
We had a day off today as Mark has worn the skin off the tips of all his fingers laying the limestone. We are both buggered and need a rest.

Thursday 5th
I went to Bunnings to return our ubeaut hammer drill as it gave up the ghost yesterday. Also went to brick up bricks for the internal walls...but Midland brick did not have them in stock in our local store. So we'll work out what we need and order a few packs to be delivered. Mark put up the steel guides for the brick courses.

Bree, Amanda and Samuel arrived just after lunch. Sam tried to give Pa a hand...I think it will be a few years before he'll be much help. However he's so cute and his laugh is so infectious you have to laugh with him.

Bree & Tom came over for a BBQ dinner. It must be kids week this was good to spend some time with them.

Friday 6th
Mark went off to do Cobra work today & I ordered bricks and attempted to do ECU work. The bricks got done but I didn't get far on my ECU job. Mark got home about 3pm and at 5pm we decided to go lay bricks. 3 courses done.

Saturday 7th
Only worked half a day today as it is Clayton's birthday and we are helping him celebrate. However I mixed mud and Mark managed to lay another couple of rows of bricks so the wall is slowly growing.

Now off to celebrate....1st stop - Fremantle prison to do the new tunnel tour, then back to Luisa & Clayton's for dinner and drinks.

Sunday 8th
Day of rest. Well not exactly, but no renovation work. I'm just washing, cleaning, & blogging and Mark is contemplating our next tasks. He has decided the roof has to come down as we need the bricks from the bedroom wall to do the front & side external walls. So tomorrow it's off with the roof! Oops let me correct that...he's up on the roof demolishing the asbestos. I think part of the roof is coming off today. I hope he does it quietly!

The wall continues...(27th - 31st Jan)

Tuesday 27th
Today Mark dug the trench for the footing for the side wall and worked out levels to ensure the brickwork will fit in with the existing house.

I cleaned bricks, but this lot are concrete mortar not limestone so I'm breaking more than I'm cleaning (bugger). 

We then mixed concrete and poured the footing for the side wall. We need to let it set before laying the first row of limestone. 

We needed to buy new blocks for the side wall as their are not enough old blocks the right size but Mark is wondering if he can use the old blocks somewhere so that he doesn't have to throw them away.

Wednesday 28th
Mark went off to get more sand, limestone blocks and roadbase.

I worked on the computer paying bills etc until he returned and then I got back into cleaning (and breaking) more bricks.

Mark laid the bottom row of limestone and shaped the remaining blocks for the front wall. We just need to get a few blocks in on the second row of the side wall before we can finish off the front wall.

Thursday 29th
We only did half a day today as Mark has a car job to do and I did some ECU work. Yes - we both did paid work for a change.

We laid a couple of blocks in the second row of the side wall so that we can finish off the final blocks in the front wall tomorrow. 

Friday 30th
We had a big day today. We finished the front limestone wall and got most of the side wall done.It's much quicker work when we don't have to cut every block and figure out a random pattern. 

Mark dug the trench for the internal wall and we used all of the remaining old limestone blocks to create the buildup. 

Just the top row of limestone to be done on the side wall. Only another 7 blocks and we're done with limestone.

We are both very happy, Mark because he doesn't have to cart any old limestone to the tip and me because I didn't clean bricks today.

Mark reckon's he'll be ecstatic when the limestone is finished and he can move onto laying bricks. He's loking forward to working with little bricks instead of big chunks of limestone.  Humm, I'm not so sure he'll be ecstatic once he gets started....

Saturday 31st
Gave ourselves a day off today...we are both buggered!  So much for a day off...I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing and hosing down the back entertaining area. Mark helped the guy across the road compact his driveway and fixed the bug zapper.  Now we are finally relaxing, I'm blogging and Mark is having a "Pa" nap!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Up up and away...(20th - 26th Jan)

Tuesday 20th
No house work today. Mark drove Nick up to Kalamunda to check out the job Ken & Rod are working on. I started doing ECU work but too many people dropped in & I hardly got anything done.

Wednesday 21st
Mark did a couple of trips to Slab & garden city for roadbase and sand. We checked out limestone city for limestone sizes and prices. Bought a couple of blocks to get us started. We mixed concrete and put down the front footing. Mark shaped the first couple of blocks. Every one of the front blocks has to be bevel cut on all 4 sides to try and match in with the existing front wall. Very time consuming. It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together trying to work out which piece will fit where, so lots of thinking and discussion at the end of each day to work out tomorrows tasks.

Thursday 22nd

I picked up a few more blocks of limestone while Mark carried on cutting the blocks to shape. We now have 4 blocks concreted I said very time consuming! I spent the day cleaning bricks.

Friday 23rd

Mark cut and laid more limestone, we now have 12 blocks in place.


And I cleaned more bricks (groan). The cleaned pile is growing slowly, but the uncleaned pile doesn't appear to be shrinking.







Off to Bunnings to buy conduit and water pipe to bury underground before we pour the footing for the side wall. Today was spent digging trenches, laying pipes, filling in trenches and compacting. Mark cut more blocks for the front wall and I cleaned bricks. We are ready to pour the footing, but as we are not allowed to work on Sun or won't happen until Tuesday next week.

Day off - no work as per council regulations!

Day off. Australia Day. We are off to the Brisbane Hotel for lunch with Jill, Wayne, Luisa & Clayton.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Down it comes...(10th - 19th Jan)

Saturday 10th Jan
We removed all of the floorboards and most of the limestone however we need to get a couple of more acro props to support the roof before we knock the last pillar down.

Sunday 11th Jan
Day off today! Ken (Mark's brother) is picking up our acro props from Tony McLeod in Mandurah on his way home from holidays today. We are off to the movies tonight to see Australia - Gold Class. We loved Gold Class and enjoyed the movie!

Monday 12th - Thursday 15th Jan
Received quote for new doors...need to source a glazier & decide on best value.
Mark jacked up the roof and removed the last of the brick wall, the timber beams and dug up the limestone footings. We will reuse most of the old limestone in the new footings and the buildup for the front wall. We will buy new blocks for the buildup for the side wall.

Friday 16th - Monday 19th Jan
No work this weekend.

Friday 16th- I flew to the Gold Coast for cousin Vicki's wedding and Mark went to work at Replica. I caught up with Ria van de Woude and Michelle Watt (nee Ritter) for dinner. it only took us about 3hrs to catch up on the past 20yrs. It was great to see them both. Mark had dinner with Luisa & Clayton.

Saturday 17th - Dad, Dan, Fisher, Johnny Lee & I drove to Brisbane, then onto Highvale for Vicki and Claude's wedding. Mark went to Uncle Ken's 80th birthday party.

Sunday 18th - We said good bye to the rellies about 12noon and headed back to Dad's place. Chris & Shaz came up from Lismore to visit and Michelle, Alira & Paul Watt dropped in for afternoon tea. Mark went up to GinGin for a family lunch to help celebate Ryan's birthday.

Monday 19th - I flew back to Perth and Mark drove back from Gingin & picked me up from the airport.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still destroying...(5th - 9th Jan)

Monday 5th
Today was allocated as an ECU work day for me. Mark did a quick trip to the tip to drop off another load of asbestos and returned the trailer, then he was happy to have the rest of the day off!

Tuesday 6th
ECU work day for me. Mark back to demolishing the verandah. Today he removed the corner wall (near the front door) and pulled out more timber.




He also started attacking the front limestone wall. Just to see how hard it was to get out! He got 1 block out but it was harder than he thought. I have suggested putting more in front of the remaining section rather than removing it, as it's very solid.




Wednesday 7th
This morning Mark hired a trailer & picked up a couple of acro props from Dave to support the roof. I sorted out the stuff in the boxes in the spare room. Threw lots of paper out, I'm getting good at it, but there's still lots to store away. We've decided to put a bigger trap in the new entrance floor, so we can store boxes under the floor.

This afternoon, we were back at Bunnings buying, bolts, retic fittings, a couple of plastic storage boxes etc. Mark spent the afternoon moving and repairing the reticulation in the front yard. I stored office stuff in the new boxes. We only bought 2 in different sizes to see what fitted best. I need another 2 (1 of each size) - yeah, I love shopping at Bunnings!

Thursday 8th
We just did a few odd jobs around the back yard in the morning & measured up how much brick will need tuckpointing as we had a guy from Federation Tuckpointing coming to give us a quote at lunchtime.

Estimated cost - $150 per square metre. Mark had guessed it would cost about $4,000. The quote works out to about $4,500-$5,000 so it was a bit more than we expected. But it has to be done no matter what the cost to match the existing front of the house.

Next we went off to Vic Park Salvage to check out their Jarrah floorboards. I had phoned 4 places and no-one had any. I was starting to get worried as one place advised the next 2 houses they were demolishing were already allocated. Apparently old floorboards and cleaned bricks are in hot demand. We managed to find 11 boards in reasonable condition so we bought them all ($6.60 per metre). A few boards were too long to fit in the 4 wheel drive, so Mark will go back & pick them up tomorrow. We also stopped off at HumeDoors and got a price for the new doors we need. $540 + GST each, but they only do wholesale and said that a reseller may be able to do better. So, I'll phone around and see what I can get.

Once it cooled down a bit (it's been 34 - 36 degrees for the past few days), Mark got stuck into removing the rest of the side wall and pulled up some of the floorboards.


Mark was worried about the ends of the remaining boards being unsafe...I guess it must be a safety ladder?



It's slowly shrinking!



Friday 9th
No "housework" today as Mark has a car wiring job at Replica Motors and I am doing ECU work (as soon as I finish updating this blog!).

Friday, January 2, 2009

The destruction continues (3-4 Jan 2009)

Saturday 03/01/2009
Off to Bunnings to check out their impact drills! off with most of the render! Wow that's much easier than doing it by hand. I'll also be able to use it to clean up the bricks.


Down with the front wall and off with more timber framing.


Sunday 04/01/2009
According to council rules Sunday is a day off. So today we are cleaning up some of the mess we've made. Wrapped the asbestos in black plastic and hired a trailer. Off to the tip.

Out with the old...(30th Dec - 2nd Jan 09)

Well it took a while to convince Mark to renovate the house, but it didn't take long for him to get into the demolition! What is it about boys & destruction?

Tuesday 30th Dec
We returned from Qld having spent Xmas with my Dad & Brothers. We had previously agreed that the house renovations would start once we returned, but I didn't expect it to happen so fast!



Wednesday 31st Dec
We spent the day moving all of the office furniture out of the front room and managed to fit all my stuff in the loungeroom & Mark's stuff in the dining room (umh, that could be dangerous, his desk is right beside the bar).




Thursday 1st Jan 2009
The Demolition begins....out came the side windows and frames and the ceiling. What a mess!




Friday 2nd Jan
Out came the front windows, window and door frames. Up went the building notification site sign. We started chipping away at the render...there must be an easier way! Yes, Dave suggested an impact drill with all sorts of attachments, we'll look into this.