Monday, February 23, 2009

Same old saga - bricks... (23rd - 28 Feb)

Monday 23rd
Shopping day today. Off to Bathroom warehouse, electrical warehouse & Bunnings for plumbing and electrical bits. Mark needs to leave holes in the brick work for the plumbing to go through the wall so we needed to know what we are using. We both fell in love with a 900 x 1200 glass shower with a rounded corner - it will fit perfectly. Well nearly, Mark just needs to move the window over a brick & a half. Luckily he's only laid 2 courses of bricks above the window sill!

Tuesday 24th
I went back & fro between the computer and the bricks...
Mark pulled out the front window bricks to move the window further over. Then he worked out where all the plumbing was going and welded the copper pipe for the shower fixtures.
I knocked off at 3.30pm as I had our first TADA event tonight.

Wednesday 25th
We didn't do much today...just another course or two before we got rained out.

Thursday 26th
Mark pulled the external bricks out from around the front door and I stacked them ready for cleaning. (hrrrr)
Off to Becks Music Box with Jill to see the House of the Holy Afro.

Friday 27th

We decided that the study window should be higher so today we added more bricks to the study wall. We knocked off about 6pm and had dinner with Linda. Then Linda & I went off to the theatre to see The War of the Roses.

Saturday 28th
We both did a big day today cleaning & re-bricking around the front door. Very time consuming as it's a short wall with lots of cuts!

Sunday 1st March
Mark spent 2hours in the morning finishing the last rows of bricks above the front door. He's very happy to finally reach ceiling height somewhere!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still bricking along...(16th - 22nd Feb)

Monday 16th
No work on the house today as Mark went up to Gin Gin to do some work for Robbie Ryan's brother-in-law).
I paid bills, ordered the new doors and did ECU work.

Tuesday 17th

I cleaned bricks for an hour, then took Joyce to the Doctor and did ECU work in the afternoon.
Mark laid more external bricks - we are now up to window height. He also pulled more old bricks out of the wall and setup the profiles ready to lay internal bricks.
Luisa & I went to see the Grand Ballet du Geneve at His Majesty's Theatre. It was great, we both really enjoyed it.

Wednesday 18th
I had a big brick cleaning day - 9am til 3pm and by then my wrists gave out.
Mark pulled another 100 bricks out of the wall and started laying the maxi bricks for the internal wall between the bathroom and the study. At 3pm I helped him lay bricks - I just cleaned up the excess cement on my side of the wall (hey every little bit helps). Tara, Nick & Bree came over for a BBQ dinner.

Thursday 19th
I went to the Doctor, did ECU work and helped Louise with her resume. Mark laid more internal bricks.

Friday 20th
Nick came over & spent the day cleaning bricks (yahoo! my hands are so happy). I did ECU work and Mark laid maxi bricks on the internal wall. Mark & Nick also put a rough render over the existing bedroom wall to strenghen it up a bit. Mark & I went to see Fragmented a series of Samuel Beckett plays, then had dinner at El Grecos in Nedlands. Must be nearly 20yrs since I've been there but it hasn't changed a bit and the food is still good.

Saturday 21st
I went to pick up sand and cement in the morning then off to the races to check out horse prices for Dad. Mark started laying the internal bricks in the ensuite - he's happy because the big maxi bricks make the wall grow really quickly!

Sunday 22nd
Day off (ha). We both had a sleep in. Troy dropped off some scaffolding ramps & boards so we can walk around a bit inside the new rooms until the floor is put down. Mark went off to Kim's to sort out a kit car problem and I did more ECU work.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bricks, bricks & more bricks...(9th - 15th Feb)

Sunday 8th
So much for a day off - Mark ended up taking the entire roof off and I carted timber from the front yard to the back & stacked it ready to reuse.

Monday 9th
5 packs of bricks delivered. 2 packs moved inside the new front rooms.

Tuesday 10th
I didn't do any work this morning as I took Joyce to the doctor about her leg.

Mark started pulling down the outside leaf of bricks from our bedroom wall as we need more old bricks for the external wall. I cleaned bricks when I got home.

Wednesday 11th
I cleaned bricks and Mark laid a couple of courses of bricks. We knocked off at 10am and got cleaned up as we took Joyce to the Lyons Eye Institute for her eye injection. Amazing the last visit and we finally sorted out the system and got through in only 2hrs. Back to the bricks in the early evening once it had cooled down a little!

Thursday 12th
I cleaned bricks & Mark laid a couple of courses of bricks before heading off to do some Cobra work. I went and did the grocery shopping. Mark did another couple of courses of bricks when he got home.

Friday 13th
Tara's birthday today. Happy Birthday Tara!

Mark worked on the Cobra again today, so we just did a couple of hours work on the house in the morning before he headed off.

I pulled up bricks from the back paving and then got cleaned up and headed off to the uni to return & pick up some books for my ECU job.

Mark laid a few more bricks and put the meter box in position when he got home. The walls are slowly growing!

Bree dropped in as she & Tom are off to dinner to celebrate Valentine's day. Linda arrived and we went off to the Ballet at the Quarry with a picnic hamper & champagne. Mark stayed home and had a few (@#!) quiet ales with his mates.

Saturday 14th
Happy Valentine's Day to all our loved ones. We mostly pottered about today as it threatened to rain on us all day. So we cleaned bricks (yet again), removed the last of the render from the front of the house, pulled out more bricks from the bedroom wall and discussed what we are going to do with the front steps and the roof.

Sunday 15th
Day off. Mark is doing all sorts of calculations etc. to work out angles for the front roof and I am updating our blog!

Tonight we are off to see Chick Corea & John McLaughlin's 5 peace band with Jill & Wayne. It's an open air concert in Kings Park and luckily the weather is great again today.