Sunday, April 19, 2009

Floor & ceiling joists...(20th - 26th April)

Monday 20th
Mark started putting in the floor joists. I soldered my leadlight. I didn't do a very good job, so I'll have to go see Bert to learn how to fix it.

Tuesday 21st
I didn't do much as I was sick with a throat infection. Mark finished the floor joists and started working on the ceiling joists.

Wednesday 22nd
Mark finished the ceiling joists in the ensuite and I rendered the vanity wall. Mark smoothed and leveled my rendered wall - looks great! I helped Mark attach the aircell insulation to the ensuite ceiling joists & roof rafters.

Thursday 23rd
I went to Design glass to fix up my leadlight window. Turned out that I didn't have the iron hot enough, so it was easily fixed and yes the soldering did cover up the most of my leading mistakes. I spent the afternoon cementing my leadlight. Mark spent the day cleaning out the garage so we will have somewhere to store the gyprock when it arrives tomorrow. Wow I haven't seen the garage this clean in ages! But now we have another load of rubbish for the tip.

Friday 24th
I spent the morning cleaning the excess cement off my leadlight - very time consuming as it gets into all the nooks & crannies in the frosted glass. Mark started work on the floor joists in the study. Nick arrived at noon, so we headed off to hire a ute and pick up the cement floor sheets for the ensuite. Mark stayed home to await the arrival of the gyprock. Mark & Nick unloaded the cement floor straight into the ensuite - it is the exact size so no cutting required except for 1 sheet around the door frame - Mark is VERY happy. We loaded the ute with the rubbish and Nick & I did a trip to the tip and then stopped off at Bathroom warehouse to pick up the toilet & the shower unit. The gyprock finally arrived - so now we have everthing we need to finsh off the ensuite and the study.

Saturday 25th
A slow start today as it's Anzac Day & Bunnings does not open until noon. I finished cleaning my leadlight & Mark played on the computer. Then back to Bunnings to return the ute and buy the adhesive for the wall & ceiling gyprock. Nick arrived at 2.30pm and he and Mark put up the ceiling gyprock. Etsuko arrived and we chatted and inspected the boys work. The ceiling, manhole & ceiling fan were all installed by 5pm - these boys don't mess about!

Sunday 26th
Mark took the study door off and trimmed it down to fit the ensuite doorway which is only 720mm wide (not 820mm). I went back to Bunnings to buy the beading for my leadlight window. Mark mitred the beading to the right length and attached the hinges to the window & frame. I painted the beading and nailed it onto the window. I helped Mark hang the door and window and install the privacy lock in the door. We don't have a catch for the window yet - so wire will do the job for tonight...back to Bunnings again tomorrow to buy the real thing. I think I must own shares in Bunnings by now!

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