Friday, May 15, 2009

Water tight at last...(11 - 17 May)

This week...
  • Mark started work on the floor joists in the study...
  • I bought wall tiles & gas hot water system for the ensuite
  • Mark dup holes to access the pipes for the plumber
  • Fri - The plumber arrived early (hooray) and has completed all the ensuite plumbing. He just needs to come back & connect the water to the new gas heater system
  • Sat - Nick come over & helped Mark put on the ridge cap on the roof. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so thought we'd better get it done!

Itsy Bitsy stuff...(4 - 10 May)

This week in renovation land...Mark spent most of the week working on lots of fiddly bits and pieces.
  • rendered the cracks in the hallway walls
  • turned our bedroom door so it opens against the wall
  • replaced a couple of floorboards in our bedroom
and arranged for the tiler & the plumber to come and give us a quote
  • Booked Simon (tiler) for the weekend of the 23rd (yes May) 
  • The plumber is tentatively booked to come Fri 15/5 pending his quote. 
I phoned electricians and grano's to try & tee up quotes
  • Electrician, said he'd come over on Friday - surprise surprise, he never showed up
  • 2 grano contractors: both need plans to do a quote. I posted a set to one & the other said he'd come over Saturday to pick up plans & discuss what we need. Surprise, surprise...(again) the grano bloke didn't turn up. Grrrr contractors.

Keep on bricking...(27 Apr - 3 May)

This week we continued bricking up the internal walls in the study.