Monday, June 1, 2009

Ensuite Operational...(25 - 31 May)

Simon returned on Monday & finished the tiling...
I will be very happy to get all of the bathroom fittings out of the spare room & our bedroom and into the ensuite. I can't believe how much room a little ensuirte can take up!

Mark put in the toilet, vanity and mirror cupboard.  We still need to put in the shower wall and glass but no rush as the hot water is not connected yet. But we now have 75% of the ensuite operational!

Mark spent the rest of the week laying the jarrah floorboards in the study. Having a floor makes the room look a lot bigger.

Slogging on...(18 - 24 May)

Now that the plumber has done his thing Mark got stuck into getting the ensuite ready for tiling.
  • Glued the concrete floor sheets down - 2 layers, plus another layer under the floor over each join. It shouldn't move anywhere!
  • Measured, cut and glued the wall sheets on
Sat - Simon arrived at 8am and had completely tiled & grouted the walls and tiled the floor by 3pm. Amazing and it looks fantastic! He will be back on Monday to grout the floor...then we can install the fittings.